Why You Need a Capsule Wardrobe

October 2, 2016


1.  It will help you feel better about yourself. By keeping only the clothing that you love, you will eliminate items that you don’t wear or make you feel your best. There’s no room for impulse purchases so each and every piece must be deliberate. You should only be buying and keeping items that fit and flatter you right now.

2. You will have more space in your closet. While the number of articles of clothing is not set in stone, most people choose 30, 33, or 37 pieces as a guideline. Don’t be discouraged if you have more but try to maintain the One In, One Out rule. For each article of clothing you purchase or bring in, you will have to get rid of one existing piece of clothing in your closet. This will help you to keep your curated closet and avoid hoarding.

3. It will save you time. By sticking to a consistent theme or color palette, getting dressed in the morning will be a breeze because most of the items will match. You can also spend the time you used to waste browsing and shopping (online and at the mall) on something more enriching. For many people, shopping is a hobby that takes up precious hours in the evening after work or on the weekends. What would you do with all your extra time if you only went shopping once every season to fill the gaps in your wardrobe? You could dedicate your time to a new sport or activity such as yoga or rock climbing. Maybe you will even sign up for that online course that could help you further your career.

4. You have the freedom to spend your money on things other than clothes. What could you do with that extra $20-40 you spent every week on a top you did not need? That’s $1,000 – 2,000 every year that you could use on a well deserved vacation.

5. You have the freedom to buy higher quality items. Since you will be limiting the amount of clothes you keep in your closet, you will be able to afford higher quality pieces that last longer. A high quality cashmere sweater might be five times more expensive than a synthetic sweater from Forever 21 but it will also feel ten times better on your skin. You will no longer feel the need to buy something because it is a “good deal” since all purchases will be conscious and intentional. Go ahead and treat yourself to that Burberry Trench Coat you’ve always wanted since it will be the only fall coat you need in your closet.

Are you currently working on your own capsule wardrobe? What have you learned and have you encountered any struggles? What is your favorite season to plan for?


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